About us

At British Equine we believe that our unique approach to performance supplementation is what makes the difference between winning and taking part.

Horse and rider are a team and both need to be in great physical condition to perform when it matters most or just to enjoy a great partnership together.

Our research and development team have been working to produce pure Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides that not only delivers results, but is backed with scientific and clinical studies and evidence to prove performance. Whilst both humans and horses are mammals, the Bioactive Collagen Peptide required to ensure optimal joint, tendon and ligament health is different for both:


PROTO-FLEXTM - For horses

A newly developed collagen peptide specifically formulated and tested for mammals. PROTO-FLEXTM has clinical evidence to prove repair and improvement in joint health and connective tissue.

Humans have had a love affair and a working relationship with horses for many thousands of years. Since their domestication and more modern use for recreational purposes, we have studied their behaviors and observed them in much more depth.

For veterinarians and equine specialists this understanding of equine behavior helps us to understand the health and welfare requirements of these beautiful animals.

Whilst we understand that joint health will deteriorate naturally with old age, domestication and changes in activity have placed higher demands and stress on horse’s joints – artificial surfaces like roads and hard country paths, the use of metal shoes and the confinements of stables all contribute to greater wear and tear.

Medical science has advanced our understanding of the beneficial gains that nutritional supplements can make to our horse’s health and wellbeing.

The scientific evidence behind the use of Hydrolysed Collagen in joint health for humans has been well documented over the past decade and now 2015 has seen the first Collagen peptide developed for our four legged friends. (Image of proto-flex)

RIDER REPAIR - For humans

Utilizing the best in collagen technology that has been developed in the EU over the past decade, the collagen peptides used here have been used by athletes at Olympic level for a number of years and are of the highest grade available for human consumption.

The human body was never designed to ride horses and the loads placed through the body when riding can often lead to muscular soreness. We’ve never met a rider who hasn’t fallen off once or twice and this can lead to major injuries both, muscular and skeletal.

Collagen is the primary structural protein in the body and is a vital component in connective tissue, muscle, bone and skin. After the age of about 25 the human body’s production of collagen starts to diminish and we find it takes longer to recover from injury.

By supplementing daily with Rider Repair Collagen you can maintain a healthy amount of Collagen in the body, which can help reduce the frequency of injury and also speed up the recovery for any injury.

At British Equine we have developed scientifically formulated supplements, which are designed to promote health and wellness, giving both horse and rider that winning edge.